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  • EZproxy enables remote online access (e.g., from home) to MSRI's subscribed library materials.
  • Your login name and password will work until the end of your MSRI session (program, workshop, or summer school).
  • To access materials remotely, please use the EZproxy links on MSRI's library website. This effects a URL translation (prefixes the URL with a proxy identifier). Direct URLs such as Google search result links will not work. If you have clicked an EZproxy link on MSRI's library website, which took you to a publisher's website, subsequent links on the publisher's website should automatically translate to EZproxy URLs.
  • If you are accessing material in an open access journal, or material that is not embargoed (for example, material older than 5 years if the journal is marked OA-5), you do not need to use an EZproxy link.
  • If you are physically inside the MSRI building, you do not need to use the EZproxy links for MSRI's subscribed library materials, because access is authenticated by IP address.
  • Bookmarklet:  ezp
    Drag to your bookmarks bar. When you are not onsite at MSRI, click on the bookmarklet to access licensed library resources that you've found via non-MSRI sites such as Google, Google Scholar, email links, etc. Adapted from UCB Ezproxy, q.v. for more information on how to use it.

Library usage guidelines

  • MSRI and its library users shall follow the Shared Electronic Resource Understanding (SERU) guidelines, as briefly excerpted below. The complete SERU guidelines are here.
  • Authorized users may access content from remote locations. MSRI visitors, such as walk-in users, are also allowed to use the content while on MSRI's premises.
  • Use of the content is governed by United States copyright law, including uses permitted as fair use.
  • Some of the accepted uses include interlibrary loan and ad hoc sharing of single articles and chapters by individuals for purposes of scholarship or private study.
  • Prohibited uses: unauthorized resale, systematic or excessive downloading, and systematic distribution.
  • MSRI respects the privacy of the users of the content and will not disclose or distribute personal information about the user to any third party without the user's consent unless required to do so by law.