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Critical Issues in Mathematics Education

Volume 1, "Assessing Mathematical Proficiency", edited by Alan H. Schoenfeld (2007)
CIME Workshop 1, "Assessing Students' Mathematics Learning: Issues, Costs and Benefits" (Berkeley, CA, March 7–10, 2004).

Volume 2, "Using Math to Teach Math" by Mark Hoover Thames (2006)
Commissioned by MSRI for CIME Workshop 2, "Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (K–8): Why, What, and How?" (Pacific Grove, CA, May 25–28, 2005).

Volume 3, "Teaching Teachers Mathematics: Research, Ideas, Projects, Evaluation", edited by Cathy Kessel (2009)
CIME Workshop 4, "Teaching Teachers Mathematics" (Berkeley, CA, May 30–June 1, 2007).

Volume 4, "Collaborating to Teach Teachers: Mathematicians & Educators Team Up" by Julie Rehmeyer (2008)
Workshop "Using Partnerships to Strengthen Elementary Mathematics Teacher Education" (Berkeley, CA, December 11–12, 2008).

Volume 5, "Teaching Undergraduates Mathematics" by Yvonne Lai (2009)
CIME Workshop 6 (of the same name) (Berkeley, CA, May 11–13, 2009).

Volume 6, "Teaching and Learning Algebra", edited by Julie Rehmeyer (2014)
CIME Workshop 5 (Berkeley, CA, May 14–16, 2008).

Volume 7, "The Mathematical Education of Teachers" by Julie Rehmeyer (2014)
CIME Workshop 8 (Berkeley, CA, May 11–13, 2011).

Volume 8, "Reasoning and Sense-Making in the Math Curriculum" by Julie Rehmeyer (2014)
CIME Workshop 7 (Berkeley, CA, June 7–9, 2010).

Volume 9, "Assessing Math to Know Math" by Mark Hoover (2014)
CIME Workshop 10, "Assessment of Mathematical Proficiencies in the Age of the Common Core" (Berkeley, CA, April 3–5, 2013)

Volume 10, "The Role of the Mathematics Department in the Mathematical Preparation of Teachers" by Julie Rehmeyer (2015)
CIME Workshop 11 (Berkeley, CA, March 26–28, 2014)

Volume 11, "Developmental Mathematics: For Whom? To What End?" by Katherine Stevenson (2016)
CIME Workshop 12 (Berkeley, CA, March 18–20, 2015)

Volume 12, "Learning to Observe and Observing to Learn: Using In-Person and Video Observation to Study Mathematics Teaching and Learning" by Cody L. Patterson (2017)
CIME Workshop 13 (Berkeley, CA, February 10–12, 2016)

Volume 13, "Access, Power, and Participation in Mathematics Classrooms: Using Observation as a Strategy to Improve Teaching and Learning" by Joi Spencer (2019)
CIME Workshop 14 (Berkeley, CA, March 15–17, 2017)

Volume 14, "Access to Mathematics: Opening Doors for Students Currently Excluded" by Cynthia Oropesa Anhalt (2019)
CIME Workshop 15 (Berkeley, CA, February 21–23, 2018)

Volume 15, "Mathematical Modeling in K-16: Community & Cultural Contexts" by Evelyn Lamb; Tracy Hicks, ed. (2019)
CIME Workshop 16 (Berkeley, CA, March 6–8, 2019)