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MSRI Booklets

"Math & Racial Justice: the Role of Mathematics in Today's Movement for Racial Justice" (2021)
from the workshop held at MSRI, Berkeley, CA, June 9–11 and 16–18, 2021

"Partnerships: a Workshop on Collaborations between the NSF/MPS & Private Foundations" (2015)
from the workshop held at the NSF, Arlington, VA, May 28–29, 2015

"Promoting Diversity at the Graduate Level in Mathematics", edited by Ellen E. Kirkman and Olivia A. Scriven (2008)
from the national forum held at MSRI, Berkeley, CA, October 15–17, 2008

"Mathematics of Climate Change: a New Discipline for an Uncertain Century", Dana Mackenzie (2007)
from the symposium held at MSRI, Berkeley, CA, April 11–13, 2007

"Numbers in Action", Hendrik Lenstra, Ellen Gethner, and John Conway (1995)
from the program sponsored by the Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation, MAA, and MSRI, held at UC-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, December 4, 1995